Why Experts Recommend Natural Pest Control

Not all pests need to be chased out of the house and garden or outright killed with toxic chemicals. There are some natural pest removal techniques that homeowners can use that are much safer for them and many times more effective than using hazardous chemicals.

Weeding is one of the most effective methods for cutting down on pests in the garden. It not only gives them fewer places to hide, but it takes away a valuable food source for pests and makes the plants in the garden less attractive to them.

Coffee and other strong-smelling products can be placed in the garden, on top of the soil or in the house on countertops to chase away pests. The strong smell repels them, and it is perfect for removing pests from a property without having to hurt them.

Citronella is a strong-smelling product that is perfect for getting rid of mosquitos. For those who don’t want to use straight citronella because of how strong it is, they can use Thai lemongrass or something similar that contains that same ingredient. This oil can be placed on windows, countertops and on plants to keep mosquitos away from where the people tend to be.

It is also a good idea to remove water sources, such as open buckets of water, troughs, ditches that fill with water and other places were water may pool or collect. These make it much harder for insects to populate, particularly mosquitos. Pest control in Greenville, SC doesn’t always have to be about killing pests outright. Sometimes, there are more humane ways to deal with the problem, and that can be preferable for those who don’t want to hurt creatures, no matter how small or for those who don’t want to deal with the deal bodies of insects and other pests that chemicals can leave behind.

Using natural pest control methods is also safer for the environment and for the homeowners. It leaves behind fewer toxic chemicals and makes for a safer environment for children and pets to enjoy.

Homeowners can check with the experts at Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions and similar sites to see what natural pest control methods they recommend. There are different ways to deal with every kind of pest, and not all of them have to be toxic or lethal.

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