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Making an Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth

Hair loss is something we all worry about, especially as we start to get older. We look at our parents and grandparents and hope that we can buck the trend. Unfortunately it’s rarely the case.

Over 70% of males aged 35 will begin to experience hair loss, with some being drastic. For women the statistics aren’t as damning but after 65 over 50% of women will see hair loss.

Hair loss is something which is affecting almost everyone and can have a dramatic impact on your daily life. Increasingly people are turning to essential oils to help with the problem.

Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Hair loss has a number of causes. The most prevalent is genetics and unfortunately more often than not we are doomed to follow in our ancestors footsteps. Other contributing factors include diet and lifestyle. What we put in our body and how we treat it have a significant impact on hair thinning as we get older.

There are also mental issues like stress, hormonal problems or specific medical issues/ medications that can lead to the thinning of hair and baldness.

While there are a number of specialist treatments to help with hair loss they are often full of chemicals and unnatural. They can have drastic side effects and be difficult to get. They can also cost a lot of money.

More and more people are using essential oils as an effective home remedy for a number of issues, and hair loss is among them. Certain natural ingredients have been shown to promote hair growth naturally and thicken existing hair, meaning that you can put off baldness for longer.

Key Essential Oils

There are a lot of different products available to help with hair loss and there are a number of essential oils and blends on the market too. To get the most effective product you’ll want to look for these ingredients:

Rosemary Oil
Rosemary oil is one of the most widely used essential oils, known for its relaxing and soothing properties. When used on the scalp it’s been shown to help increase the metabolic rate in the skin cells, stimulating hair growth and reducing thinning.

cedarwood-oilClary Sage
Clary Sage has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and has been shown to have a significant positive impact on the body. Clary Sage helps balance hormone levels and reduce stress and other imbalances in the body. This means less strain on your body and hopefully less hair thinning on your head.

Cedarwood Oil
Cedarwood has been used to help with skin conditions like eczema and treat bacterial issues. It’s also known to promote better circulation in the body. Used on the scalp it helps increase blood flow to the skin cells, helping with hair regrowth and reducing any dryness on the scalp.

Each of these natural ingredients has been shown to help reduce the causes of hair thinning and baldness. When used individually or together they should help promote thicker hair and regrowth making them essential ingredients for a hair growth blend.

Making an essential oil blend

By using natural ingredients to create a blend you can help reduce any chemicals being used on your body. This is better for your overall health and the health of your skin and hair.

By using some of the essential oils detailed above you’ll be sure to include all the properties that are vital for helping hair regrow. Essential oils have been shown to be effective so blending these ingredients should produce good results.

Creating an essential oil blend requires some more information about quantities and how to mix. For all the best information and how to create your own and which ingredients to use then go to:

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