Find Out if you Have a Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection symptoms – Discover a urinary tract infection if urinary tract infections are common and painful, and the first time you have one, you may not know what a urinary tract infection you have. Click here for more information This article says that some of the main symptoms of a UTI detectors.

The most significant symptom of urinary tract infection is a sharp pain before, during and after urination. Pain is perhaps best described with the word “terrible”. In fact, it is a severe tingling, burning sensation. The urine coming out seems warmer than usual, and you can hear that you cut that leaves the body. This is a very crude description of what a real case of IU feel, and the intensity varies from case to case. May temporarily relieve pain immediately after urination, but will be back soon.

feel the need to urinate all the time, but little or no urine actually comes out. And you may feel for not having expelled all the urine in the bladder. Sometimes the urgency is so great that you lose bladder control. In severe cases, urine may contain blood. The worst thing is that even when not urinating, the pain disappears. Urinary tract infections are usually accompanied by other persistent symptoms, including abdominal pain and fever, not to mention the persistent pain in the urinary region.

These symptoms are enough to keep many patients permanently on the toilet. I practically lived in my bathroom the day before I had a urinary tract infection and had no idea of what I did to deserve it. Also sit or lie down to rest, did not help. I was a student at the University at the time, and missed school for two days. These are the two longest days of my life. Many others have similar experiences.

You should see a health professional immediately if you think you might have a urinary tract infection, because if left untreated, the infection can progress to the kidneys. Kidney infections are much more serious, can cause permanent damage and even be fatal.

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