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When you furnish your home, you are making an investment in furniture that can last for several years, if not decades. Thank you for your interest It is important to not only get furniture that fits in with the decor of your home, but you want furniture that is built to last. Solid wood furniture, especially wooden bedroom furniture, will often last several decades if properly maintained. If you’ve ever shopped for antiques, you’ve may have seen a solid wood wardrobe built in the 1930s or 40s. That type of endurance is what you can expect when you choose a good quality wooden furniture set for your home.
Not all wood furniture is not the same as different types of wood have their own distinct grains and textures. Furniture is made from both hard and soft woods. Hard and soft woods are not referring to the strength of the wood, but the types of seeds they produce. Hard woods, which is an angiosperm tree, produce seeds with a covering, such as walnut or oak, and soft woods, a gymnosperm, have seeds with no covering, such as pine. Hard woods also have pores in their wood, whereas pores are absent in soft woods.

Everyone is familiar with walnut, oak and pine furniture and the textures and grains they each come in, those are the standard varieties of wood that most furniture is made from. Balsam, cherry, chestnut, mahogany and apple are some of the other woods that are used to make furniture. Thanks for visiting! Since they are less common, they can be more expensive, but they each come in rich shades, ranging from creamy whites to reds to rich browns, that you may want to consider for your decor.
When you get a piece of solid wood furniture, that doesn’t mean the entire piece is made out of that wood, if it were, it could be make it more expense. Instead, the wood that you can see, the exposed wood is the solid wood you chose, such as oak or cherry, but the frame and the other pieces not readily visible are usually made from other woods like poplar.

Wooden bedroom furniture may not necessarily be made from solid woods, but be a veneers. Melbourne HQ here A veneer is a thin layer of wood that is placed over a solid slab, such as plywood or particle board. This technique has been used since the 1700s and it can produce a high quality piece of furniture. Veneers of more expensive, exotic woods also make furniture pieces more affordable. It is sometimes hard to tell a solid wood wardrobe from one that is made from a veneer, but the piece may well be an indicator.

Whether you are buying ready made furniture or it custom made, wood furniture can add warmth to your decor. It also fits in well with many design styles, from ultra-modern to Victorian. If you want furniture to last, consider buying solid woods that stand up to years of use and look as good as the day you bought it.