How Solar Power Is Revolutionizing Australia’s Rural Areas

Anyone who has ever driven through the Outback of Solar Panels Brisbane
can tell you that it is not exactly the most pleasant place to live. Between vicious animals, poisonous snakes, and very, very low human populations, it’s a wonder that anyone would live out here of their own free will. Sadly, it is extremely expensive for all parties involved to provide reliable electricity to the most unpopulated regions of Australia. Many groups had to rely on gasoline-powered generators, or pay exorbitant amounts of money for extremely expensive electricity.

Being on the grid, if you were living in a very sparsely populated part of Australia, was very expensive. Or, you know, it was very expensive, until solar system installation became more widespread. Now that solar system installation is more widespread, groups that live in the Aussie outback are able to get off-grid electricity at a lower price than ever before.

For zoologists, science crews, and others who live out in this veritable no man’s land, the dire lack of reliable electricity often meant major problems in terms of the quality of living that they could expect while in this region. Imagine having to choose between hot water and a working telephone, or having to pay several times as much as you normally do for the amount of energy that you use. It wasn’t too long ago that this was the reality for many people in remote parts of Australia.

Though it is true that many parts of remote Australia are not quite with the solar energy craze yet, this isn’t going to be the case for long. Several major factors that have been impeding the spread of solar panel installation in these regions, such as the price of labor, the price of bringing the parts to these areas, and the subsidies that are given to fossil fuels, are now being broken down.

According to many in the solar energy community, one of the biggest initial barriers that kept people from installing solar panels in these areas was a lack of education and a lack of trust in the technology. In recent years, the government’s creation of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has brought the benefits of solar power to the forefront of the public eye. As more and more Australians learn about the benefits of solar power, the rebates and credits that they are able to receive for them, as well as how easy they are to maintain, more people are looking into solar power as an off-grid solution to their energy needs.

Of course, the biggest barrier, price, is one that has yet to be fully overcome. However, technological advances as well as increased incentives for remotely located Aussies are starting to improve the chances of homeowners, businesses, and government officials overcoming this major issue. As solar energy continues to boom in popularity, it’s quite possible that people are going to see an amazing change in the way that folks in remote parts of Australia live life.